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About us


Ngo Jung & Partners was established in 1978 with an aim of bridging Europe with Asia. Under the drive of its founder, Gérard Ngo, the firm was the first foreign law firm to be authorized to practice law in Vietnam. After advising in investment law, the firm diversified its practice and serviced companies from South East Asia in M&A and in complex litigations.

Today, the firm’s clients come from all over the world and range from governments, large insurance companies to investors. Over the years, the firm developed a reputable expertise in the areas of international arbitration, complex and serial litigation, corporate and commercial joint ventures, restructuring and insolvency proceedings, as well as in labor, insurance, civil and criminal liability laws.

We intervene across a wide variety of industries including pharmacy, telecommunications, art, asset management, consumer, energy, oil and gas, distribution, insurance and defense.

At Ngo Jung & Partners, we also share our expertise on a pro bono basis to safeguard human rights and promote the rule of law.



Ngo Jung & Partners has a global and strategic approach to its clients’ issues. With an innovative understanding of the law and of its clients’ businesses, it creates tailored, workable and cost efficient solutions.

At the firm, we believe that law is not just theory; it is a tool that gets your deal done or your dispute resolved.

We are close to our clients and able to provide them with partner level attention at all times.

We view our clients as our partners and we strive to provide them with tailored and workable solutions. We work with our clients to multiply their successes and are proud to provide senior level attention at every phase of a dispute resolution process and deal making.

Our pool of lawyers is as diverse as its clients both culturally and in legal training. This allows Ngo Jung & Partners to have an in depth understanding of international law issues and to propose an outside of the box and strategic approach to legal issues.



We partner with our clients to meet their business needs by providing superior counsel, service and dedication.

Our team of lawyers offers:

  • actionable advice geared towards reaching the best legal outcome for our clients;
  • outside of the box and strategic thinking;
  • an in depth understanding of the legal and commercial realities of business;
  • a close relationship with our client;
  • superior legal skills and in depth practice/industry experience;
  • multilingual capabilities and understanding of the major legal systems;
  • a high level of partner attention to every case or matter that is entrusted to us;
  • an international experience.

Well implanted in France, and connected in the Americas and Asia, we make readily available our collective knowledge, geographic reach and commercial experience.




Gérard NGO



Gérard Ngo has worked for nearly 30 years in mergers and acquisitions for French and foreign clients. He also has significant experience in international arbitration and litigation both in France and abroad (USA, UK, Japan, Korea, Vietnam). Gérard acquired a specific expertise in cross-border insurance disputes.

Gérard is well-known for his strategic and creative thinking when it comes to solving his clients’ disputes or getting his client’s deal done. His clients reach out to him for his acute understanding of corporate issues and his global approach to resolution of disputes.

Admitted to the Paris Bar since 1977, Gérard graduated from the Paris Law Faculty (DES of Public International Law, 1973), the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (1973) and the University of Berkeley (LL.M., 1975).

Gérard is a Knight of the Legion of Honor and an Officer of the National Order of Merit. He is the founder of the Movement of French citizens of Vietnamese origin Association.

Gérard recently acted as counsel to:

  • A French pharmaceutical company in a multimillion dollar shareholders’ dispute related to the change of control of such company
  • A French company in a billion dollar damage claim filed by a Eastern European company following an institutional arbitration proceeding
  • A Japanese pharmaceutical company in a multimillion dollar Share Purchase Agreement dispute
  • A famous French family in a shareholder dispute regarding the liquidation of assets
  • A Japanese company in a multimillion dollar product liability case in France
  • A Japanese company in a breach of contract dispute against a large French company in the food industry
  • French clients against a large bank to recover funds invested in Madoff related instruments


English, French


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Designing optimized solutions for your disputes

Ngo Jung & Partners is committed to resolving disputes as efficiently as possible and is focused on offering solutions that are practical and commercial. To reach that goal our lawyers consider that it is their responsibility to find the Alternative Dispute Resolutions procedure (ADR) that will best meet the procedural needs of its clients.

Our lawyers have significant experience with the full spectrum of ADR including mediation, conciliation, expertise and dispute boards. They regularly serve as mediator, expert and conciliator providing them with valuable insight into the keys to successful agreements.

The potential advantages of ADR to litigants are numerous. A well-timed ADR procedure, be it mediation or otherwise, can result in significant savings of time and cost, enabling the parties to focus on their core businesses as opposed to their disputes. Also, a well-timed ADR procedure can empower our clients to gain control over the outcome of their dispute and optimize their solution.

At the top of the ADR practice in France, and strong promotors of their development, our lawyers are often asked to speak at ADR events and functions.

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Banking & Finance

Ngo Jung & Partners provides recognized expertise in banking and financial matters.

Our team of lawyers advises a wide range of clients including leading banking institutions, investment service providers and French and foreign management companies.

Their expertise provides ongoing support before supervisory authorities, in licensing and accreditation, procedural changes, internal control, compliance and regulations against money laundering as well as adaptation of required documentation (account agreements, management agreements, etc.) and regulatory compliance.

Ngo Jung & Partners oversees structuring and distribution of banking products and financial instruments for institutional and public investors (strategy, marketing, specialized loans, payment instruments, online banking and financial services, collective investment/UCI, AIF).

Ngo Jung & Partners assists its clients in litigation and pre-litigation matters related to the banking sector (credits, payment orders, guarantees, network relations, etc.), investment services and financial products (investment advice, portfolio management, fraud etc.) or financial regulation (market abuse, insider trading, price manipulation, etc.) before civil, commercial and criminal courts.

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Corporate & Joint Ventures

Ngo Jung & Partners provides its clients, business executives, listed or unlisted companies, a team with extensive experience of thirty years in corporate law, particularly in the context of mergers and acquisitions of industrial groups.

Ngo Jung & Partners is also involved in the development and negotiation of international and national commercial partnerships and joint ventures. The firm advises many French and international companies in setting up marketing and distribution networks in host countries, subcontracting networks or the creation of subsidiaries and franchises.

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Insurance & Liability

Ngo Jung & Partners is a significant player in representing major insurance and liability actors in France and abroad. Our clients include insurance companies, insurance brokers and companies specialized in risk management or risk prevention.

Our Insurance & Liability team has a solid practice in managing complex, major and serial civil and criminal liability matters including regulated professions (legal professions, real estate agents, brokers, medical practitioners, unions) and directors / officers, as well as liability related to property damage (fire, industrial accidents, defective work), personal injury (accidents, gross negligence) and product liability.

Our lawyers are proactive and anticipate procedural stages without ignoring any technical, human or operational features involved. We thoroughly prepare expert assessments with our clients and their experts.

Our approach enables us to anticipate required actions and to quickly assess the risk exposure of our clients. Our rapid assessment of risk allows us to assist our clients in managing their crisis communication.

Our complementary expertise in white-collar criminal law often leads us to intervene in disputes relating to alleged insurance fraud cases.

Ngo Jung & Partners has built, over several years, a renowned practice expert in managing the consequences of cross-border serial accidents. The complexity of these disputes lies in the application of different laws in the determination of civil or criminal liability as well as in the assessment of damages. Our attorneys are often appointed as experts by foreign courts in matters relating to the application of French law.

Our pragmatic approach also allows us to emphasize alternative dispute resolution methods giving the parties the opportunity to seek a mutually satisfactory solution.



Our team recently represented :

  • A Swedish multinational automotive manufacturing company in a dispute involving defective vehicles
  • Families of victims in a dispute relating to the AF 447 Rio – Paris flight crash
  • A partner of a French advertising agency in a partnership dispute, seeking an out-of-court settlement for the sharing of the company’s assets
  • A large industrial group against a company found liable for an inaccurate transformation of malt grains
  • A French industrial company in a dispute relating to its employee’s workplace accident
  • An international insurance company in a proceeding before a UK Court arising from an accident in France and involving the determination of the applicable law and delimitation of liability
  • Lawyers in a professional liability claim filed by a large industrial group
  • An insurance company against a wine vats manufacturer in a proceeding involving the nonexistent wine conservation system

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International Arbitration

Turning your disputes into the best award

Ngo Jung & Partners has a recognized expertise in international arbitration. Its team excels in domestic and international commercial and investment arbitration in the most complex disputes related to the energy, defense, banking, financial, construction, art and telecommunications sectors. Our clients include states, cross-border companies, institutional investors and SMEs.

Our arbitration team has a perfect command of the major institutional rules particularly ICC, ICDR, ICSID, LCIA, CCJA and UNCITRAL rules. It handles ad hoc and international institutional arbitration subject to various governing laws. Our lawyers regularly serve as arbitrators, providing valuable insight into the keys to successful arbitration.

Our multilingual and proactive arbitration team strives to turn your dispute into the best arbitration award.

At Ngo Jung & Partners we:

  • Craft tailored arbitration clauses – our deep knowledge of the arbitration system allows us to draft and negotiate arbitration agreements that protect our clients’ interests. This includes choosing the best seat and applicable law to ensure the highest likelihood of success in any potential dispute and enforceability of any future award
  • Elaborate cutting-edge strategies – our commercial and inventive arbitration lawyers are dedicated to designing decisive strategies for our clients’ cases
  • Duly back your case with critical evidence – our team efficiently runs crucial investigations, evidence gathering and asset tracking
  • Efficiently manage data collection – we thoroughly handle complex discovery issues including preservation, collection, filtering and review of data in multiple languages
  • Adequately handle pre-arbitration issues – our arbitration practice masters both arbitration and procedural law to carry out injunctive relief, interim measures and expertise. Our lawyers are also experienced in emergency relief mechanisms such as Emergency Arbitration
  • Master jurisdictional issues – our team has a strong expertise in critical issues such as sovereign immunities, locus standi and choice of forum
  • Devise conclusive submissions and forcefully advocate for our clients – your dispute is our fight. We argue and solve complex private and public international law issues related to the breach of sophisticated agreements, international treaties and standards



Our arbitration team recently represented:

  • A Middle-East State in a hundred million dollar arbitration involving a purported breach of a traveling exhibition contract during times of war
  • A French owner in an ICC arbitration relating to the sale of its chemical activity branch, counterclaiming compensation against the buyer for the violation of its commitment to the unions and the workers’ councils
  • An African state in an ad hoc arbitration relating to the termination of a harbor concession and bribery issues
  • A Korean company in an ICC arbitration relating to the construction of a manufacture in Asia
  • An Asian state entity in an ICC arbitration involving payment of illicit commissions in order to sell frigates
  • A foreign investor in a multimillion dollar UNCITRAL arbitration proceedings involving changes in gaming laws in South East Asia
  • A commodities trading company in an ICC emergency arbitration proceedings for a request for conservatory measures
  • An African company in a CCJA arbitration relating to the breach of a financing agreement
  • An Iraqi group in an ICC arbitration relating to the privatization of the national tobacco company
  • A Korean company in an ICC arbitration relating to the construction of a manufacture in Asia
  • An employee in a UNCITRAL arbitration in a breach of contract dispute stemming from a fraudulent settlement agreement obtained after years of abusive working conditions
  • A French owner in an ICC arbitration against a European conglomerate relating to the construction of an LNG terminal in France

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Investigation & Embargo

Assisting you through regulations

Ngo Jung & Partners assists its clients in complex cross-border financial and banking regulatory investigations, discovery issues and embargo matters.

Our clients include international companies, institutional investors and governmental parties.

At Ngo Jung & Partners, we:

  • Carefully assess your fraud and anti-corruption risks – our dedicated lawyers support issuers and their officers, directors, agents or shareholders in the assessment of potential violations of the FCPA, OFAC programs, UK Bribery Act and other anti-corruption and economic crime regulations. We advise our clients on the implementation of a strong, dynamic and evolving compliance program, such as gift-giving clearance processes
  • Design cross-border discovery strategies – as part of the investigation process, our team handles discovery requests issued by foreign jurisdictions, particularly by US and UK Courts, regarding evidence located in France. Our team is expert at the French blocking statute
  • Master investigation and discovery processes – our deep knowledge of French regulations and international cooperation rules on the taking of evidence and EU data protection requirements allows us to manage internal anti-corruption investigations. We efficiently handle complex data issues, including preservation, collection, filtering and review of data, as well as the deposition of witnesses in France and abroad
  • Thoroughly handle unlawful disclosure related disputes – we defend our clients in criminal and civil proceedings related to the disclosure of documents in violation of the French blocking statute, the French and European personal data protection requirements and/or the French employee privacy protection laws
  • Efficiently anticipate and handle embargo issues – our lawyers represent clients who have purportedly violated restrictive measures and are subject to national and supra-national sanctions. We also assist clients in their commercial disputes resulting from economic sanctions

Our lawyers also do preventive work, advising our clients on the substantive, personal and geographical scope of application of EU, US or UN embargo measures on their contracts as well as on their legal, commercial and financial relations. We always consider the risk of such measures in drafting our clients’ contracts.


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Labor & Employment

Handling your labor issues with talent

Ngo Jung & Partners has a recognized expertise in employment, labor and benefits issues. Our lawyers assist a wide spectrum of local and cross-border companies as well as employees, from recruitment to retirement.

From its experience, our labor team believes that the success of a company is directly linked to the proper management of its talents. Our lawyers are dedicated to advice, train and represent our clients to seamlessly and sensitively solve their disputes.

Our team defends our clients before labor, civil and criminal courts in a wide range of employment related disputes involving in particular claims of wrongful redundancy, discrimination, harassment, violation of health and safety requirements, hourly wage and breach of expatriation assignments.

We also assist our clients before the social security court in contribution recovery procedure against French administrations such as the Social Security, Family Allowance Contribution Collection Office and pension funds.

To solve your disputes we resort when appropriate to alternative mechanisms such as mediation and negotiation. Our practice also includes numerous negotiations of collective bargaining agreements.

Our labor lawyers have a solid experience in dealing with social risks related to restructuring and redundancy plans. They act from the initial project phase, the consultation with the work councils and social partners to the implementation phase.



Our labor team recently represented:

  • Several employees before the social security court against a pension fund relating to the wrongful collection of contribution
  • A large metallurgical company in a damages claim related to a serious industrial accident
  •  Two US listed companies respectively in the automotive and plastics industries against 400 employees in French and US proceedings related to the transfer of French subsidiaries
  • A French subsidiary of a pharmaceutical US company in proceedings relating to criminal and labor discrimination claims
  • An Italian construction company before the airport and border police in a dispute relating to illegal work and pertaining to the applicability of the EU directive on free movement of workers
  • A HR manager against his company in a dispute relating to psychological distress resulting from the management methods
  • A seaman against a leading company of vacation resorts in a dispute pertaining to the applicability of the protective provisions of Wallis and Futuna’s labor law and resulting in a successful precedent
  • French wine company against several employees in a dispute relating to a redundancy plan for economic reasons
  • A French company in the food industry arising from its restructuring operation involving a plant closing, modification of employment contracts and implementation of redundancies for economic reasons
  • A French subsidiary of a Japanese company, following its restructuration, in the negotiations of the termination of its high-level executives’ contract and the implementation of a new people management policy

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Working together to solve your disputes

Ngo Jung & Partners represents clients in a wide range of disputes, from cross-border matters occurring in multiple jurisdictions to complex commercial litigation, corporate, securities and banking disputes.

Ngo Jung & Partners does not only strive to obtain favorable decisions for its clients, it also devises global strategies to protect their business and reputation.

Our team of lawyers often handles cases before French courts including commercial, civil as well as criminal and labor courts. We use appropriate dispute resolution mechanisms to serve the best interests of our clients.

Our multilingual and business-oriented litigation team is dedicated to the success of our clients.

At Ngo Jung & Partners we:

  • Design innovative and decisive strategies – our litigators think out of the box to define the best strategy for your case
  • Find critical evidence – our litigators acutely perform investigations, evidence gathering and asset tracing
  • Thoroughly manage data collection – our team of lawyers efficiently handles complex discovery issues including preservation, collection, filtering and review of data
  • Appropriately handle pre-litigation issues – we master injunctive relief, conservatory measures, expertise and expedited pretrial proceedings
  • Craft persuasive submissions and successfully advocate for our clients – we use our deep knowledge of the French litigation system to our clients’ advantage in court proceedings and out-of court negotiations
  • Efficiently handle recognition of foreign judgments and enforcement issues – we treat your judgment as ours. We take all the necessary measures to extract compliance from the debtor



Our litigation team recently represented:

  • A French company in a billion dollar damage claim filed by an Eastern European company following an institutional arbitration proceeding
  • A Danish private equity fund in an abuse of minority investors dispute arising from a biotech company
  • A Japanese pharmaceutical company in a multimillion dollar Share Purchase Agreement dispute
  • A French private equity fund in an abuse of minority shareholder litigation brought by a former director and shareholders
  • A US listed company in a dispute which led to a dozen proceedings both in France and in the US, launched by 200 former employees and related to the transfer of a French subsidiary
  • A French pharmaceutical company in a multimillion dollar shareholders’ dispute related to the change of control of the company
  • A former managing partner of a French private equity fund in a litigation for fraud
  • A French company in a mismanagement dispute against its former CEO
  • Former managers and shareholders against an international furniture company relating to the breach of their management fee and corporate offices agreement
  • A Danish bank in a fifty million euros dispute involving French and foreign borrowers who contracted multicurrency loans and investments
  • French investors against an international bank to recover funds invested in Madoff related instruments
  • A French real estate fund against a major British property group in a post-acquisition dispute
  • A Dutch insurance company in a forty million dollar litigation relating to the fire of artworks, involving cross-border issues
  • French companies in difficulties relating to the risks associated with the restructuring of their financial flows with their subsidiaries


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Restructuring & Insolvency Proceedings

Working together to meet your business needs

Working together to meet your business needs Ngo Jung & Partners manages prevention procedures and bankruptcy proceedings, frequently involving cross-borders issues. We advise debtors having financial difficulties as well as creditors, shareholders and French and international buyers.

Our team of insolvency lawyers strives to meet our clients’ business objectives, devise creative alternatives and execute our clients’ plans.

Ngo Jung & Partners has extensive experience representing its clients in bankruptcy proceedings and related disputes. Our attorneys move quickly to identify the right opportunities and implement the appropriate remedy based on its clients’ needs.

Our lawyers are able to draw upon the resources necessary to solve the multi-disciplinary problems presented by French and cross-border business insolvencies, i.e., employment, criminal, mergers and acquisitions, arbitration and litigation.

At Ngo Jung & Partners we:

  • Assist our clients in the early stage of their financial difficulties – we help our clients negotiate with their public and private creditors including the tax and Social Security authorities, and banks, if necessary through prevention procedures (ad hoc mandate, conciliation)
  • Craft tailored safeguard or reorganization plans – our team of insolvency lawyers works in cooperation with judicial administrators and accounting firms to elaborate efficient safeguard and reorganization plans, have them approved by the different committees and authorized by the court
  • Design solutions for creditors that create and preserve value – when our clients anticipate that their debtors will encounter financial difficulties, we advise them on the most efficient guarantees. We use our deep knowledge of insolvency proceedings to maximize our clients’ chances of recovering their receivables and mitigate the consequences of bankruptcy 
  • Advise French and foreign companies in the acquisition of distressed businesses – we identify acquisition opportunities for our clients. We also identify the specific risks related to the acquisition of a distressed company 
  • Represent our clients in all aspects of litigation related to bankruptcy proceedings – our attorneys handle the breadth of issues involved in the bankruptcy litigation process ranging from disputes relating to the admissibility of creditors’ claims, enforcement of guarantees, fraudulent transfer of assets, civil and criminal liability of directors



Our insolvency team represented:

  • A major mass food retail group in different disputes with one of its trading partners in pre-insolvency pro­ceedings, involving the recovery of a fifty million dollar claim
  • A large Turkish group in the acquisition of a textile group in bankruptcy
  • A US listed company in a dispute which led to a dozen proceedings both in France and in the US launched by 200 former employees and related to the transfer of a bankrupt French subsidiary
  • A manager of a bankruptcy household company in a mismanagement claim litigation
  • An international textile group in the filing of the bankruptcy proceedings of its French subsidiary
  • An international company in the auto leasing industry for the acquisition of a French distressed business and all subsequent litigation
  • A major mass food retail group in a multi-million euro dispute against a bank relating to the assignment of receivables
  • A French company in the pet industry for the negotiation of its bank debt under the supervision of a conciliator
  • A French media group in the filing of a safeguard proceeding consequent to a conciliation process
  • A US trustee in the enforcement in France of a decision from a US bankruptcy court against a US real estate developer
  • A US automotive group for the filing of bankruptcy proceedings against its French subsidiaries including the defense of the shareholders in a mismanagement dispute

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White-collar & Criminal Law

Ngo Jung & Partners represents its clients before criminal and disciplinary courts beginning from the investigation process and throughout the proceedings. The firm intervenes in particular when professionals, executives or their companies are questioned about offenses related to their activity.

Ngo Jung & Partners has an expertise regarding infringements related to labor law (discrimination, illegal work, harassment, haggling) or business law (embezzlement, forgery, fraud, taxation, property destruction). The firm also intervenes in issues related to offenses directed against individuals (homicide and injuries, poisoning, assault).

Convinced that information helps prevent criminal risks, the firm is devoted to training its clients on the case law and legislative developments related to their activities. It also assists companies in the development of coherent delegations of authority and on ethical issues.

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Legal terms

Informations légales

1. Présentation du site.

En vertu de l’article 6 de la loi n° 2004-575 du 21 juin 2004 pour la confiance dans l’économie numérique, il est précisé aux utilisateurs du site l’identité des différents intervenants dans le cadre de sa réalisation et de son suivi :

Propriétaire : Ngo Jung & Partners – – 50 rue Boissière 75116 Paris

Créateur : Ulysse Communication

Responsable publication : Marion NGO –

Le responsable publication est une personne physique ou une personne morale.

Webmaster : Marion NGO –

Hébergeur : OVH – 2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix

Crédits : les mentions légales ont été générées et offertes par Subdelirium création de site responsive

2. Conditions générales d’utilisation du site et des services proposés.

L’utilisation du site implique l’acceptation pleine et entière des conditions générales d’utilisation ci-après décrites. Ces conditions d’utilisation sont susceptibles d’être modifiées ou complétées à tout moment, les utilisateurs du site sont donc invités à les consulter de manière régulière.

Ce site est normalement accessible à tout moment aux utilisateurs. Une interruption pour raison de maintenance technique peut être toutefois décidée par Ngo Jung & Partners, qui s’efforcera alors de communiquer préalablement aux utilisateurs les dates et heures de l’intervention.

Le site est mis à jour régulièrement par Marion NGO. De la même façon, les mentions légales peuvent être modifiées à tout moment : elles s’imposent néanmoins à l’utilisateur qui est invité à s’y référer le plus souvent possible afin d’en prendre connaissance.

3. Description des services fournis.

Le site a pour objet de fournir une information concernant l’ensemble des activités de la société.

Ngo Jung & Partners s’efforce de fournir sur le site des informations aussi précises que possible. Toutefois, il ne pourra être tenue responsable des omissions, des inexactitudes et des carences dans la mise à jour, qu’elles soient de son fait ou du fait des tiers partenaires qui lui fournissent ces informations.

Tous les informations indiquées sur le site sont données à titre indicatif, et sont susceptibles d’évoluer. Par ailleurs, les renseignements figurant sur le site ne sont pas exhaustifs. Ils sont donnés sous réserve de modifications ayant été apportées depuis leur mise en ligne.

4. Limitations contractuelles sur les données techniques.

Le site utilise la technologie JavaScript.

Le site Internet ne pourra être tenu responsable de dommages matériels liés à l’utilisation du site. De plus, l’utilisateur du site s’engage à accéder au site en utilisant un matériel récent, ne contenant pas de virus et avec un navigateur de dernière génération mis-à-jour

5. Propriété intellectuelle et contrefaçons.

Ngo Jung & Partners est propriétaire des droits de propriété intellectuelle ou détient les droits d’usage sur tous les éléments accessibles sur le site, notamment les textes, images, graphismes, logo, icônes, sons, logiciels.

Toute reproduction, représentation, modification, publication, adaptation de tout ou partie des éléments du site, quel que soit le moyen ou le procédé utilisé, est interdite, sauf autorisation écrite préalable de : Ngo Jung & Partners.

Toute exploitation non autorisée du site ou de l’un quelconque des éléments qu’il contient sera considérée comme constitutive d’une contrefaçon et poursuivie conformément aux dispositions des articles L.335-2 et suivants du Code de Propriété Intellectuelle.

6. Limitations de responsabilité.

Ngo Jung & Partners ne pourra être tenue responsable des dommages directs et indirects causés au matériel de l’utilisateur, lors de l’accès au site, et résultant soit de l’utilisation d’un matériel ne répondant pas aux spécifications indiquées au point 4, soit de l’apparition d’un bug ou d’une incompatibilité.

Ngo Jung & Partners ne pourra également être tenue responsable des dommages indirects (tels par exemple qu’une perte de marché ou perte d’une chance) consécutifs à l’utilisation du site

Des espaces interactifs (possibilité de poser des questions dans l’espace contact) sont à la disposition des utilisateurs. Ngo Jung & Partners se réserve le droit de supprimer, sans mise en demeure préalable, tout contenu déposé dans cet espace qui contreviendrait à la législation applicable en France, en particulier aux dispositions relatives à la protection des données. Le cas échéant, Ngo Jung & Partners se réserve également la possibilité de mettre en cause la responsabilité civile et/ou pénale de l’utilisateur, notamment en cas de message à caractère raciste, injurieux, diffamant, ou pornographique, quel que soit le support utilisé (texte, photographie…).

7. Gestion des données personnelles.

En France, les données personnelles sont notamment protégées par la loi n° 78-87 du 6 janvier 1978, la loi n° 2004-801 du 6 août 2004, l’article L. 226-13 du Code pénal et la Directive Européenne du 24 octobre 1995.

A l’occasion de l’utilisation du site, peuvent êtres recueillies : l’URL des liens par l’intermédiaire desquels l’utilisateur a accédé au site, le fournisseur d’accès de l’utilisateur, l’adresse de protocole Internet (IP) de l’utilisateur.

En tout état de cause Ngo Jung & Partners ne collecte des informations personnelles relatives à l’utilisateur que pour le besoin de certains services proposés par le site L’utilisateur fournit ces informations en toute connaissance de cause, notamment lorsqu’il procède par lui-même à leur saisie. Il est alors précisé à l’utilisateur du site l’obligation ou non de fournir ces informations.

Conformément aux dispositions des articles 38 et suivants de la loi 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978 relative à l’informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés, tout utilisateur dispose d’un droit d’accès, de rectification et d’opposition aux données personnelles le concernant, en effectuant sa demande écrite et signée, accompagnée d’une copie du titre d’identité avec signature du titulaire de la pièce, en précisant l’adresse à laquelle la réponse doit être envoyée.

Aucune information personnelle de l’utilisateur du site n’est publiée à l’insu de l’utilisateur, échangée, transférée, cédée ou vendue sur un support quelconque à des tiers. Seule l’hypothèse du rachat de Ngo Jung & Partners et de ses droits permettrait la transmission des dites informations à l’éventuel acquéreur qui serait à son tour tenu de la même obligation de conservation et de modification des données vis à vis de l’utilisateur du site

Le site n’est pas déclaré à la CNIL car il ne recueille pas d’informations personnelles. .

Les bases de données sont protégées par les dispositions de la loi du 1er juillet 1998 transposant la directive 96/9 du 11 mars 1996 relative à la protection juridique des bases de données.

8. Liens hypertextes et cookies.

Le site contient un certain nombre de liens hypertextes vers d’autres sites, mis en place avec l’autorisation de Ngo Jung & Partners. Cependant, Ngo Jung & Partners n’a pas la possibilité de vérifier le contenu des sites ainsi visités, et n’assumera en conséquence aucune responsabilité de ce fait.

La navigation sur le site est susceptible de provoquer l’installation de cookie(s) sur l’ordinateur de l’utilisateur. Un cookie est un fichier de petite taille, qui ne permet pas l’identification de l’utilisateur, mais qui enregistre des informations relatives à la navigation d’un ordinateur sur un site. Les données ainsi obtenues visent à faciliter la navigation ultérieure sur le site, et ont également vocation à permettre diverses mesures de fréquentation.

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Sous Internet Explorer : onglet outil (pictogramme en forme de rouage en haut a droite) / options internet. Cliquez sur Confidentialité et choisissez Bloquer tous les cookies. Validez sur Ok.

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Sous Safari : Cliquez en haut à droite du navigateur sur le pictogramme de menu (symbolisé par un rouage). Sélectionnez Paramètres. Cliquez sur Afficher les paramètres avancés. Dans la section “Confidentialité”, cliquez sur Paramètres de contenu. Dans la section “Cookies”, vous pouvez bloquer les cookies.

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9. Droit applicable et attribution de juridiction.

Tout litige en relation avec l’utilisation du site est soumis au droit français. Il est fait attribution exclusive de juridiction aux tribunaux compétents de Paris.

10. Les principales lois concernées.

Loi n° 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978, notamment modifiée par la loi n° 2004-801 du 6 août 2004 relative à l’informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés.

Loi n° 2004-575 du 21 juin 2004 pour la confiance dans l’économie numérique.

11. Lexique.

Utilisateur : Internaute se connectant, utilisant le site susnommé.

Informations personnelles : « les informations qui permettent, sous quelque forme que ce soit, directement ou non, l’identification des personnes physiques auxquelles elles s’appliquent » (article 4 de la loi n° 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978).