Defense of a French insurer or insured before a foreign judge

Faced with the challenges of litigation abroad (EU, USA, Canada, Asia, etc.), Ngo, Jung & Partners provides its clients with its legal expertise and its network of correspondents and experts in order to ensure strategic management of cases.

Ngo, Jung & Partners, combines its in-depth experience in these often complex international procedures, the quality of its client relationship, to offer strategic legal solutions in all areas of liability (industrial risk, defective products, serial claims, personal injury, etc.).

By way of illustration, the challenge in the United States represents a significant legal challenge for a French party, which has little or no presence there. Differences in legal systems, legal procedures, and even cultural approaches can make it very difficult to resolve international disputes.

Over the years, Ngo, Jung & Partners has developed a network of correspondents and a knowledge of the specific issues of these international claims to define its clients a strategy.


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